Wrote these to describe Socratic's culture to our new teammates at Google.

Optimize for team success.
Put team success above individual success. If you see a problem anywhere, share it or fix it. Invest in systems, documentation, and simple processes.

Bias for speed.
Hard ambiguous problems require rapid iteration. Work fast through autonomous decision making, calculated risk-taking, and a bias for action.

Think big.
Be bold and ambitious, not incremental. Find creative, practical solutions to big problems.

Communicate openly and clearly.
Communicate clearly, listen openly, and ensure that the message gets across. Ask questions early and often. Disagree honestly and respectfully.

Invest in each other.
Solicit and give feedback openly. Have high expectations from each other. Support each other by sharing time, knowledge, and connections.

Be human.
Be yourself, and allow others to be themselves. Be self-critical, admit mistakes, share weakness. Bring humor, warmth, and openness.