"We had the closing hour at Velvet, the place we regularly put Night Trackin’ on at. It was around 2:47AM, the walls were SWEATY. We had a great crowd at the time. You might catch a glimpse of Cary Tauben’s accessories in the corner but otherwise just a throbbing, smoked out mess. Brendon cut thru the fog and the seemingly tangible sweat hanging in the air, looked over as the record started building to ask me “uhhh… what’s this one?” It FELT different in that moment. Far different from when I had been working on it in my bedroom. I knew I had one. That alchemy that happens in your brain when you get to play your new music to friends and strangers REALLY loud, sequenced between carefully chosen songs that give that new work a bit of context, is truly one of the things I miss the most of the parts of my job I can’t do right now."

"There were moments on that tour that have stayed with me, like tuning into Pete Tong while in the taxi on the way to Berghain to hear him play the song for the first time. Downloading the stems to Radiohead’s recent single “Lotus Flower”, which they had asked me to remix after hearing Another Girl. Unzipping the files to get started on the remix while on a train to a show in Manchester and hearing the isolated studio elements to a Radiohead recording. The hi hats. Johnny’s guitar parts… Thom’s acapella vocal part floating in my headphones while the English countryside rushed past. Lowering the volume faders on the mixer in Glasgow to have a full crowd, matching the volume of the system, singing the layered looped vocals from the record I had made a few months prior on a Juno-60 on Clark Street in Montreal. Completely overwhelming and euphoric."

Mail 3 - Another Girl Turns 10